Adding 2nd Row Bench Seat

The Sprinter Crew Van comes with one row of bench seating behind the driver/passenger seat. The bench sits on three legs that lock into mounts bolted through the floor. The Passenger version Sprinter comes from the factory with three rows of bench seating. Since the Crew van and the Passenger van share the same chassis,  the unused bolt mount locations should be there on on Crew vans, just covered under sheet metal that makes up the floor.

Searching around I discovered that the 2nd row bench seat mounting location is 858mm behind the 1st row. With that detail, I measured and drilled through the floor. To my delight,  I found a threaded bolt hole. From there I laid a seat mount bracket down to find the second threaded hole, then repeated for the other two mount brackets.

What I used:

  • E15 and T20 sockets
  • Step drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Spare bench seat and brackets/bolts
  • Friend or strong wife

The floor board will need to come up, so first remove the cargo tie-down D-rings, then lift the wood floor up. Its held down with velcro. You’ll need a router to cut openings in the floor for the brackets.

In addition to being able to carry more passengers, having the second row of mount brackets installed, we can have the bench seat back further from the front seats to create more space inside the slider door. I found a brand new bench seat on Craigslist locally to take in and out as we need. The hardest part is lifting the bench up and down, its heavy! 

I spent the most amount of effort getting the seat out and nearly threw out my back. Get a friend or strong wife to help.

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