Installing Viper 5706x Alarm

From the factory there is no anti-theft alarm system. I’m skeptical by how much these systems actually prevent prowlers, but wanted the peace of mind of having a 2-way alarm system that could notify me in the event that the alarm was triggered.

On my Subaru I had installed a Compustar Drone system that allowed GPS tracking, remote smart, and door lock/unlock, from your mobile phone. The mobile features are subscription based and do come in handy, but I found out that remote starting was not supported on Sprinterd without an additional third party ignition module, at the cost of $500. 

Also remote starting a diesel Sprinter does not have the same benefits of a gas car. Warming up the cabin or defrosting the windows don’t work as well on efficient diesel engines. This made the Drone setup less attractive, especially when having to pay a subscription for not using all the features.

I eventually found a post on sprinter forum by Avanti. He used a Viper unit with a DBall2 bypass to install a 2-way alarm. Using his instructions I was able to replicate his installation. The nice thing about using a bypass is that installation only required 3 wires. One of which communicates with the Sprinters onboard CANBUS system. The other two were to power the alarm unit.

This set up allows the use of the factory key fob or the Viper 2-way pager remote to lock and unlock the doors. When the alarm is trigger by vibration or door opening, the pager notifies me of the event with a 2 mile range.

The hardest part of the installation was having the bypass module programmed with the specific firmware for the Sprinter. Which is simple to do with a USB programmer and a PC. There are also resellers of the module on ebay that will pre-load the firmware for you.

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