Slider Door Intermediate Stop 

The slider door opens up nice and wide, but it can be a bit heavy to pull when closing. Especially if parked up an incline. 

When ordering a Sprinter, you could add an intermediate stopping point that would allow the slider door to latch and stay halfway open. It was a $60 option that mine didn’t come with.

I’ve looked at retrofitting the intermediate latch. The parts came out to about $150, and it’d take me an afternoon to install. I also considered an aftermarket automatic open and close door assist, that uses a motor to open or close the door. I wasn’t too sure about them.
I was set to order parts to retrofit the factory door stop when I came across Norton Fabrications and their version of a door stopper. They created a stopper that installs with adhesive on the rail of the door and catches the roller that rides in the track. You can permanently stick the stopper at any point on the rail and the door will catch and hold there.

The cost was $40, and the installation takes 5 mins. Needless to say, I decided to invest in there’s.

The installation was extremely simple. 

  1. Open the door to point where you want it to stay open. 
  2. Mark location of the roller in the track.
  3. Peel and stick door stopper on rail where you marked.

This was the cheapest and easiest solution, and it works! When opening the door it catches on the stopper. To open all the way, just push past the resistance and it rolls over the stopper. It also holds open the door when parked at a decent incline.

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